Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I am pretty sure nobody warned me about the sheer boredom I would encounter as a student. Seriously. Without a job to gurantee a monthly boost to my bank account I am living in fear of spending all my loan and being left penniless and unable to buy magazines and pick and mix. You know, the important things. Thank heavens for the £3 wine in Tesco, but a girl cannot live on wine alone. Well she can but all i will achieve is weight gain and bad skin, oh and alcoholism! All I can do is hope the job fairy comes along soon and believe me when it does I will be relieving my boredom the retail way! Maybe a sequin dress would be just the ticket to brighten the dreary Autumn days? Or maybe hit up Brick Lane and score me some vintage goodies before consulting the Vintage Guide to London for some fun times?

I am also considering filling my days with baking or cooking, top of my wishlist is parkin my favourite Yorkshire autumn treat. But buying ingredients and then tins etc always seems so expensive. As Kanye said “Having moneys not everything, not having it is”.

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