Friday, 20 August 2010

Farewell Summer....

Summer, summer wherefore art thou? I guess it has gone then? Sorry to keep posting back to school/autumn posts but I can’t escape the feeling!!! I do love autumn though; I think it’s my favourite time of year. And not just because my birthday is in September!!! I love everything about autumn. I love the colours of autumn, I love the bonfires/Halloweens, I love being able to eat sausage and mash without sweating! And I love the fact that there’s no better excuse for new clothes than dark nights and colder weather. I’m already on the hunt new boots (anyone know where I can get some?), and I recovered my woolly, ribbed tights from storage last week! I do think I have found my dream coat but I don’t have £295 and if I could try and save it but I might have suffered frostbite by then, but just look at the little beauty.

In this funny in-between season time I am lusting after light knits in pretty colours like this lovely bit of embellished knitwear which would also be perfect for spring and matches the colour of the hair I fell in love with in my last post. I can never resist a little bit of sparkle either. Swoon.

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