Monday, 16 August 2010

Beauty School Dropout...

Been a while eh? I'm trying not to slip into my old habit of a few posts a month but I am a busy bee. Not really I'm just lazy.
Today has been a day of beauty or non beauty depending on how you look at it.
 I'm trying to get my hair lighter so I can have a baby pink shade rather than peach but for some reason the pink won't leave. At all. This is after washing with clarifying shampoos and bleaching with a 40vol bleach!!! So if you're after a long lasting dye Special Effects is where its at people!!!!
In other beauty news I bought a matte topcoat form No7 at Boots using one of those brilliant £5 off vouchers they do.

Heres my results, exscuse my hands they look wrinkly and my fingers look very long, I'm not a witch I promise its just my photography!


Cool huh? I only did one nail for testing purposes, I am doing both hands in full so I don't look like an insane-o.
I know matte nails have been in for an age but I don't care ok?

In non beauty related news my birthday is creeping ever closer!!! Argh!!! I am constantly looking at party dresses and wondering whether my pop star party is such a good idea when dressing as David Bowie means I miss out on wearing things like this.

Toodles for now.


  1. What is that grey nail polish you have on underneath? I'm loving it!