Monday, 26 July 2010

Sniff Sniff 2....

As promised I have sniffed my way through my Angela Flanders perfumes in my quest for my new signature scent. Before I give my review I just need to say I think everyone should have a go at venturing away from the big name brands and finding something a little bit more unique. It feels so much more special and exciting!

OK here goes:
This one smells the most of vanilla and because I was looking for a replacement for a vanilla perfume I expected this to be my favourite. It is a beautiful smell and the vanilla is well balanced with other notes to steer it away from being too “fairy cakes” and keeps it a sophisticated scent. Very nice.

If this perfume was an item of clothing it would be this embellished top, feminine and pretty.

I liked this from my first sniff. It smelled almost honey sweet or maybe a rich, dark chocolate but at the same time I wouldn’t have described it as a sweet perfume. It is a dark, exotic and sexy scent yet it also has a warm and comforting aroma.

There is a note in this perfume that reminds me of the aftershave my boyfriend wears which also cheered me up because he was away.

If this perfume was an item of clothing it would be a fur coat, full of glamour.

Again I liked the smell of this one while it was still in the bottle although as a fruiter scent I didn’t expect to love it on me as much as I did. Although the strength of the initial fragrance fades quite quickly the gentle sweetness which remains lasts a long time.

If this perfume was an item of clothing it would be pretty playsuit. Also the colour of this one is quite figgy no?

This one I found to be a very strong smelling perfume. It smells of wood and incense. Quite masculine, this one would be great on a man.

If this perfume was an item of clothing it would be a dark skinny jeans, its good for you AND your man!

And so I have decided. Well, almost. I am torn between Figue Noir and Ambre Noir. I like both equally, my sister likes the ambre noir and my boyfriend liked both but then I met him wearing Figue Noir and he was decided. I still have plenty of sample left to give me time to decide butI might just get both! Fresh, fruity, Figue for the day. Dark, smouldering, glamourous Ambre for the night.


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