Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Neon Lights, Shimmering Neon Lights...

....And at the fall of night, This city's made of lights.

Tracey Emin, I Can Feel Your Smile, 2005

I do not claim to be an art fan, I do not know enough about it but I recently started noticing Tracey Emin's work with neon lights. Told you I was no art fan, some of them are years old.
I have always, always had a thing for neon signs, its my tacky side once again, and I have started loving Emin's neon lights.

Tracey Emin, With You I Want To Live, 2007

If I had my own place and money I would kill for something like these on my walls.
Especially the hearts.

Tracey Emin, I Promise To Love You, 2010

All images from lehmannmaupin.com


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