Monday, 12 July 2010

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside....

I just spent a few days in  gorgeous, wild and windy Whitby with the boyfriend who has a bit of a thing for looking at wool (he was given balls of it to play with as a child and I guess it stuck?) so we went into Bobbins the little wool shop/museum. Anyway the point I'm trying to reach is that they had a small display about traditional fishermans jumpers or ganseys. Each village had their own patterens which allowed a fisherman to be identified and returned home should he be found washed up upon the shore. This may sound grim but it makes sense.

Anyway I highly doubt I'm going to be found washed up on any shores (fingers crossed) but I still like the look of these weatherproof jumpers. I'm thinking huge, oversized and worn with some super tight trousers.

Oh and if you happen to be out that way I would definatly reccomend that you take a little trip to Sandsend and book yourself in for dinner at the woodlands for your tea. Yum.

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