Wednesday, 2 December 2009

We only have ourselves to blame....

How could you not love that?
Well you may be shocked to realise, as I was, that by doing simple everyday activites such as washing with soap or eating a chocolate bar you are aiding the destruction of the home of the orangutan. And you may be even more shocked to discover its all perfectly avoidable.....

Palm oil is a product of the oil palm tree, a tree grown in South America, Africa and South East Asia. It can be found in many items including foods and soaps. To get this oil though, means deforestation and destruction of the local wildlife in order to create a plantation.

In addition to the destruction of the habitat palm oil workers have also been known to attack orangutans to stop them eating the palm seedlings.
So yeah. Its in loads of stuff but like  I say it can be avoided. Posh chocolates don't contain it at all so put down the Galaxy and pick up some Green and Blacks (prefer it anyway) and Lush have already created a palm oil free soap base so you can keep a clean body and conscience (ho ho), besides which they smell blooming amazing. Sustainable palm oil is available but seeing as it would cost you a whole half pence more per bar its soooo much easier to just destroy the planet, no?
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