Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Dark times....

Not quite sure whats come over me. It all started with a Vivienne Westwood armour ring and my being too poor. So Daddy-o suggested I just look for goth or rock rings seeing as they wear them and it will be cheaper. Well yeah I found some but I also found loads of other things I want. Oh well at least a new goth look would help me fit in in my local and I already wear mostly balck and grey.

Yeah its a pendant cast from an actual rats skull but something is drawing me to it....

The first one? Me want, me want, me want.

Err...yeah..this is a bum bag. With tassels, but its giving me the same kinda wanting as the rat skull.
Now exscuse me I'm off to reapply my eyeliner.
(All items from oceania legends)

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