Thursday, 25 March 2010

Just a little Thursday rant....

Now you may or may not be familiar with the free magazine Stylist. Quite a nice little read on the bus/train/canteen with a cuppa. Likes to show me lots of lovely, expensive things I can't afford but I can deal with that, I mean its free. Vogue does the same but I pay for that!
But I noticed that for all its we are super women talk it still feels the need to note whether the women it features are single or married.

How can a magazine feature articles on issues such as boardroom equality whilst on another page listing the name of a female MD followed by the names of her husband, children and area in which she lives. I mean, who cares? Unless she runs a company with her husband does it even matter? Did her husband and children get her the job? Or is it just another example of women having to do everything and look pretty at the same time? In Stylist's world it doesn't seem to matter if you worked damn hard for a successful career unless you have a wonderful husband with an equally high flying position (yes it tell us what Mr. Stylist does for a living too), 3 kids and a house in a desirable area to go with it.
Lets try something crazy here Stylist, lets stop talking about equality and try practicing it a little bit. These women have got themselves the jobs so lets focus on the woman and her achievements in her field eh?

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