Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The death of a wardrobe...

Or perhaps more like the rebirth. My wardrobe reborn as a tidy clothes haven. Perhaps. Its what I am aiming for anyway. I blame Coco Eco mag for putting this idea into my head. But it has to be done, theres allsorts in there I never wear so I have started. Ebay and charity shops be ready, I have even done my shoes!

I haven't finished but when I do I will post my results, I am going to be brutal. No mercy for unworn clothes!!!

The keepers, the maybes and the definate no nos along with an ever so tidy yet sparse shoe rack.


  1. I definately admire you for this! I try every once in awhile but my wardrobe ends up getting into such a mess again I wonder why I bothered! Don't be disheartened though!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm going to keep on reading yours, it looks great!
    p.s. Be careful what you send to the charity shop, have you seen Mary Queen of Charity Shops this week?!!

  2. Haha yes I did! I can assure you I will only be sending good stuff to them! It was shocking, that stiff jacket! The dirty knickers! Those poor old ladies.